The Forske Strategic Immersion Session (SimS) is an excellent way to tackle your most pressing strategic challenges



The Strategic Immersion Session (SimS) is a facilitated process with your team to apply selected strategic frameworks to help you address your most pressing strategic challenges, for example:

  • We don’t have a strategy or need to refresh the one we have, but have to determine what it is.

  • We want to grow our business but need to understand how we do this.

  • The markets we operate in our changing rapidly and we need to respond to this disruption.

  • We have become stale in our thinking and need to take a fresh look at our business.

  • One of our competitors is taking market share, what can we learn from them.

Or a potential number of other challenges you may currently be considering.

Forske Strategic Immersion Session Overview


  1. You define the strategic challenge you would like to address and select the team (we recommend no more than 8 people) to bring for a day long session.

  2. We work with you to agree a date, venue and organise any logistics.

  3. We pre-structure the day, considering the most appropriate strategic frameworks and other stimulus to address your challenge.

  4. We provide your team with all the details to know what to expect and run the session, maintaining flexibility to best meet your objective.

  5. We write up actions and outputs from the day and send to you a few days later so you can implement in your business.

How it works


We recognise the commitment required to take your team away from the running of the business for a day. That is why we are focused on ensuring you get maximum value from the session.

Away from day to day distractions our facilitated process will stimulate the thinking that can take your business forward. The Strategic Frameworks we use will be selected depending on the challenge you are looking to address.

From the simple but useful SWOT, to the Wise Pivot, VRIO, Ansoff, Blue Ocean and Core Competencies, we have a broad range of frameworks in our strategic toolkit to utilise.

It is in the practical application of these by your team where the value arises. To developing a way forward, assessing an issue or aligning on an analysis, getting an agreed perspective on what actions to take to address the challenge is a key objective of the day.

How it adds value to your business

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